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    Doc Cloud
    Aid platform
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    Real-Time Geolocation

    For Customer, Services and Retailers

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About Doc Cloud

Connect with the most secure and robust cloud.

Easy setup

Registre easy and secure your data, for 911 services, pharmacies retailer services, Doctors and customers.


Connect with the cloud with every devices, tablet, mobile or desktop, connect your medicals recipes with the cloud and find the products that you need with a easy way.

Social connect

Contact you personal doctor by messaging or video conference , notify your status for your families or friends in case of natural disaster, or any attack and sinister.

Dedicated service

We dedicate for our customer a strong 24/7 services, for keep and preserve the life of our cloud and the live of our customer.


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User Settings

Register, configure of fast and easy way.

Messages and push notification

Send messaging and be notify in case of fine products and services.


Notify to family and friends about your status.

Real time Messages

Communicate with your doctor or services.

Calendar / Planner

Organize your medical dates.

RT Geo locations

Send your Geo location for a fast response of 911 and rescue services.

Video conference™

Not time to visit your doctor after a date for not speak about little details? no problem!.

Intuitive BD Analytics

Analyse RT location proximity for customer and services.

And much more!

About Us

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“We are building this platform thinking in make more easy the way of help people and save lives, not just in case of casual injuries, in case natural disaster too with the advantage of the cloud.”

- Allen Edmond - CEO at Vaesoft

“We take all tech the advantage of IoT and the cloud for combine and make a great platform.”

- Carlos Garcia - CTO at Vaesoft

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911 Aid


Video Conference

RT Retail Services

That's not everything, we have more...


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Support to Vaesoft and Doc Cloud Team to continue development great things make grows up our platform, you can join to our crowdfunding campaigns.


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Palo Alto, California, USA